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Turning Spheres Into Squares—Stereographic Projection

Capturing a Nerf Gun Backwards While Driving At The Bullet’s Speed Forward

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What’s Inside the Worlds’ Fastest Heat Conductor?

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Gömböc– The Shape That Shouldn’t Exist

Superhydrophobic Knife Slices Water Drops in Half

In this video clip I reveal you just how stereographic forecast jobs as well as exactly how you can map balls onto 2d airplanes as well as also make some actually cool pictures!

Can You Use Umbrellas Instead of a Parachute?

Real-Life Invisibility Cloak Can Hide Anything! Just how Does It Work?

* Any experiment you attempt goes to YOUR OWN RISK. If you try anything you see in this video clip or on The Action Lab network, the Action Lab presumes no obligation for any type of injury.

Opening up a Bottle of Liquid Nitrogen Under Water!

Caution: DO NOT TRY– Seeing How Close I Can Get To a Drop of Neutrons