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Transform & Heal Your Life Through Astral Projection & Dream Work ⏐ Podcast w/ Dream Hub

In this podcast, Melissa Johnson, a desire specialist from Desire Center, asks handy and deep concerns regarding the trip and technique of celestial forecast and its effective effect on accomplishing greater states of awareness.

0:00 – Discovering the World Beyond Dreaming
7:00 – Astral Projection & Out of Body Experiences
12:12 – Purpose Behind the Beyond Dreaming Book
18:00 – Mental, Emotional & Physical Benefits
25:00 – The Importance of Spiritual Intention
33:25 – Perceiving the Truth Behind Appearances
40:55 – Staying Silent About Experiences
48:00 – Taking Your First Steps
53:44 – The Purity of Intention of Spiritual Teachers
1:00:00 – The Spiritual Significance of AI
1:03:00 – Negative Myths Behind Astral Projection
1:14:55 – Tips for Staying Awake in the Astral
1:20:22 – Final Wisdom

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