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Super Easy: Zach King’s PROJECTION MAPPING Illusion in After Effects | Tutorial

It can be testing in After Effects. Typical methods are fairly complicated as well as call for precomposition or 3D lights as substitute projectors.

THIS is the EASIEST Method After Results to develop Forecast Mapping like Zach King.

In this After Effects guide I’ll reveal you that Projection Mapping can be attained rather uncomplicated.

Video camera Mapping is a strategy that you can complete quickly in a 3D software application like Cinema 4D or Blender.

0:00 Intro
2:23 How as well fire a video clip like Zach King
6:09 Technique 01: Projection Mapping in After Effects
8:25 Technique 02: Projection Mapping in After Effects
11:20 Outro

Take pleasure in viewing!

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