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Rex Orange County – Television / So Far So Good (Official Audio)

, if all my good friends wan na be in her bed.
and I start to ask yourself why.
I think that I would certainly be existing to myself.
Since that the fuck.
Would certainly be stupid sufficient.
To deny a deal?
Oh what a deal.
Currently 2 2 10 one 5.
Pair hours can transform your life.
Frankie stating oh what an evening?
What an evening.
What the fuck is a sweetheart?
I’ mixed martial arts need guidance.
Possibly I ought to go outside.
I can obtain a fucking life.
I made a close friend and she invested the evening and currently.
I’m in love and she stays in my life.
When we talked in Europe, and back.
I require insurance policy, on my feelings.
I can not obtain injure once more.
Fuck the past, fuck them, they all made me depressing.
And I had no time at all to prepare to encounter my anxieties.
I presume that it’s time that I dried out these splits.

If I might simply be delighted by the end of this track.
If by the time you hear it you are currently gone.
And it really did not most likely to strategy.
Why must I proceed in this life.
When there’s nobody around to be the one that makes me grin?
So much whatever’s excellent.
( Ooh).
Oh oh oh.
Oh oh oh.
I stated, up until now whatever’s great.
Oh oh oh.
Oh no no no.
No no no no no oh.
When they hear this, I desire the group in splits.
Is that so incorrect?

#Television #ApricotPrincess #RexOrangeCounty #Tiktok #whataboutme.

I’m not worried, I can be myself and I.
Hope you can be yourself.
‘Cause I can make you really feel alright.
And there was a lot joy that.
We were still yet to locate.
I stated that you can call me Alex, infant.
Invite to my life.
Do not you stress, do not you, do not stress woman.
If I’m right into you, no I’m not certain.
Last time that you examined I was possibly so unfortunate and overwhelmed.
I do not understand, no, I do not understand what you such as.
If you’re looking for something brand-new.
I understand someone that you can select.
What concerning me?
What regarding me?
What regarding me and you with each other?
Something that can truly last permanently.
What regarding me?
What concerning me?
What concerning me and you with each other?
Something that might actually last permanently.

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