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NASA Live: Official Stream of NASA TV

In the United States, NASA Television’s Public and Media networks are MPEG-2 electronic C-band signals brought by DVB-S2/ 8PSK inflection on satellite Galaxy 13, transponder 15, at 127 levels west longitude. Downlink regularity is 4009.00 MHz, straight polarization, with an information price of 36.225 Mbps, sign price of 15.000 Msps, and 5/6 FEC. A Digital Video Broadcast (DVB-S2) certified Integrated Receiver Decoder (IRD) is required for function.

Straight from America’s room program to YouTube, view NASA television real-time streaming below to obtain the most recent from our expedition of deep space and discover just how we uncover our home earth.

NASA television broadcasts a range of consistently set up, pre-recorded instructional and public relationships configuring 24 hours a day on its numerous networks. The network likewise supplies a selection of online shows, such as insurance coverage of objectives, occasions (spacewalks, media meetings, academic programs), interview and rocket launches.