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Guided Astral Projection | Yoga Nidra | Mind Awake Body Asleep

Welcome to this Guided Astral Projection | Yoga Nidra | Mind Awake Body Asleep. This guided meditation is designed to help you astral travel with ease. I will guide you to a state of mind awake body asleep using yoga nidra (also known as non sleep deep rest or NSDR). Once you’re in this state of deep conscious relaxation, you will guided through a simple exit technique to have an out of body experience (OBE or OOBE).

My voice will then fall away, allowing you to immerse yourself in whatever experience you are having – whether it’s deep relaxation, a full out of body experience or deep sleep.

The astral projection guided meditation can also be used as a sleep meditation as my voice will not bring you back and you are free to drift in a state of deep sleep.

This is astral travel meditation technique is set to binaural beats, so it’s more effective with headphones.


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