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Experience a 100% Boost in Astral Projection with the Most Potent Binaural Beats & Astral Projection

Experience a 100% Increase in Astral Estimate with one of the most Powerful Binaural Beats & Astral Forecast

This Sound Therapy is planned as adjunctive treatment; please consult your physician for any kind of claimed wellness worries.


Experience a 100% increase in your celestial forecast capabilities with the most powerful binaural beats as well as celestial estimate songs. Begin your celestial forecast trip today with the power of binaural beats and also songs.

Base Frequency Hz: 1865Hz #FrequencyHealing
Binaural Beats (Wave): 8 Hz (Delta) #BinauralBeats
Songs Category: Healing Music #HealingFrequency

© Binaural Beats For All #BinauralBeats #Binaural #Beats #Music