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Esoteric Meaning of Gemini — Learn Astral Projection to Know the Inner & Outer Worlds

Gemini factors in the direction of the twin nature of truth and also exactly how we constantly need to collaborate with polarized pressures in regards to our innovative powers as people. In raised heavy understanding, this can be best comprehended when discovering just how to celestial traveling – given that the celestial airplane is a totally apparent means of seeing, touching, hearing, as well as noticing the internal globes; understanding it straight rather than intellectually.

0:00 – Polarity of the Spiritual & Material Worlds
3:13 – Between Contradictions & Paradoxes
6:22 – Disidentification with Mental Thoughts
11:11 – Creation Implies Two Opposite Forces
16:50 – Conscious & Unconscious Traits
19:11 – Extra Personality Traits & Sagittarius
22:44 – Realizing the Inner & Outer Worlds
26:33 – Astral Projection, Nature & Fear

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